Sunday, March 12, 2006


Post Fifty-Six: Tomato!!!

THIS is the Birthday Tomato I told you of yesterday. Doesn't it look tasty? There's a couple better pictures, too. I just wanted to put it on the cake thing for some reason.

I can't wait to see the look on Steve's face when he gets it! This's gonna be good...

What a perfect looking toe-may-toe. Or is it toe-mah-toe? heh. Very neat. I could see that as a cat toy. Stuffed with catnip.
Hahaha! I love it! Perfect stem, too.
Haha! That is so cool! What creativeness!
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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Post Fifty-Five: Threadbear!

I went to Threadbear today, and I am still grinning. I've never seen so much yarn in my life! I actually went in search of some US 5 DPNs, since I couldn't find them locally, and we were in the area after my brother's Festival run. Which I then found at JoAnn's in Frandor instead, because they were out. And I don't actually like bamboo needles all that much.
But WOW! I have decided that if I ever am stumbling around the area again, I MUST return and buy some yarn. Something gorgeous. Mmm...I wish it was localler! (Localler? WTF?)

But after I found those DPNs, I knocked out a tomato in like 2 hours. It's for my friend's birthday, inspired by an inside joke. Yes, I knit a tomato. Used the magknits pattern. And it is a little lumpy, because I stuffed it with a sock, but it is a tomato. I'll post pics later when I find the camera. It's cute.

Isn't that place great?!?! I've been in Lansing for five years and I just now discovered it! (I'm such a doof!)
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Saturday, March 04, 2006


Post Fifty-Four: TRIUMPH!!!

I have triumphed over my newbness. What you are about to witness is my completed sweater. Yes, that's right: completed sweater. And the best news? It fits, just the way I like my sweaters. Really. This is big news for me, A) because I made this and B) because I have troubles finding clothes that fit the way I'd like them to.
Yes, my room really is orange like that
It looks funny on my kitchen floor, doesn't it? But those funkinesses you see aren't there when I put it on. Trust me. The arms look odd in the modeled picture because my arms are in a funny position.

And now I can finally move on to the next project on the list. Which I will need to check to be sure what it was. The big one I know was Josh's sweater, but I cannot recall the other little ones. I know I have to finish that one little scarf and Steve's birthday surprise, but I gotta get needles for the surprise. Mwahaha. Oh it will be fun. Yes it will. But I've only got like 10 days to do it in, so I'd better hurry. Should probably start thinking about what I want to be knitting in France, too, when I go in June. ^_^ Maybe a Clapotis, to honor its inspiration? Hmm...
Oh, and here's a photo of my first-ever 3-needle bind off:
Yes, the graft is a bit visible, but it's not bad for a first, right? And it's in my armpit anyway, so who cares? I love this. Sweaters are fun. Now on to the world of socks, perhaps...

Well done, it looks fantastic. The yarn you used is fab.
Your sweater looks great! Very cozy!
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Post Fifty-Three: Play!

The play starts tomorrow night and ends Sunday, after which I shall be able to get back with y'all on the grand news of my life. I'm in the orchestra for it, bass clarinet as usual, and totally rockin' the bassline, which seems to have become the motto of our general school bassline. This is the earliest I've been home from school in more than a month, so needless to say, the sweater, while ready for bind off (hurrah!) is not finished because I have not had time to actually learn a circular BO and the 3-needle BO for the neck and armpits, respectively. But I will. And then it will be finished. Oh yes it will. Should finish it Saturday so I can wear it to our final show Sunday. Hmm...
But back to the homework I should've done last night...

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