Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Post Forty-Nine: Guess What?

I am now officially a mark representative. Yup. I'm rather excited about it, as it's going to help me get to France and stuff. If you'd like to order from me, send an email and I'll help you through the website, or if you're local to me, hunt me down and I'll take your order personally.

But seriously, this is really cool. I just have to be sure to not be like my mom and spend all my earnings on the products! And not step on the toes of the other three reps in my area. I don't want to make them mad at me! The name of one of them is familiar to me, too, so I hope I don't upset her by distributing my magalogs!

So far my friend Nikki is going to buy a couple Hook Ups from me, and I gave out two other magalogs. Whee! Not bad, horribly, for a shy girl on her first day.

In knitting news, I am at the point where I am about to attach the sleeves to the body of my sweater. We'll see how that turns out o_O!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Post Forty-Eight: Oopsies!

I totally forgot about the pictures I wanted to show of my Gamma Afghan I got for Christmas this year! She crocheted the whole thing for me. Every single square. I know, some of the guages are a little different, making some edges wiggly, but that's what makes it special, that it was hand-made for me. See!

And she made it in colors I'll be able to put in any house I live in. I love my Gamma Afghan! And I'm so glad she taught me to knit and crochet, as that means I'll only appreciate it more knowing all the work and hours that went into it.

These three are my favorite squares, right here. Betcha can find them on the afghan!
It's really warm and snuggly, too, just like a Gamma blankie should be! I hope that someday I can knit a blanket like this for my kid or grandkid or something. It's definitely one of those things everyone should have.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Post Forty-Seven: (&^$&%!!!

OK, this is my luck. I go to start making a post with some pictures I've been meaning to get, and after I clear the camera card onto the computer, and take one picture, it tells me "Warning! Battery Exhausted" and shuts off. So it's gonna charge for 10 mintes and then I'll try again. Piece of crap. Luck of the Irish my ass!

Edit: OK, here it all is! First up, sweater progress! See? I have one and a third sleeves done. But I'm too darn lazy right now (and not doing homework I should be, besides) to measure and figure the real percent I should've. So I picked a random number. How d'you like THAT, OCD? Huh?
Oh, and BTW, I hate the yellow light in my house. I mean trailer. But I really, really hate yellow light. Except for that one specific light you get about a half hour before sunset and a half hour after sunrise. That glow is wicked awesome. Ugh. Yellow house light.

But the point is that I finally got it on-guage, two needle sizes smaller, and I can finish it now. Sometime in February, like I originally predicted, I think. It's still bothering me that I had to go down two needle sizes, since my guage has been dead on with everything else I've ever made. Blech.

Next on display is the full crop of stitch markers I've made, since I can't remember which ones were shown off last time. I do know the newest ones are all those little red n' white ones by the yellow one and that orange stick with a green head. And again, that (&$^* yellow light. But I am rather proud of my little stitch markers, and finally figured out how to make an easily-usable and still not ugly charm bracelet out of them. I'm gonna buy some 6 or 7mm double rings and link enough together to go around my wrist, then slip the stitch markers into them. Peachy!

And this is what I've been up to for the past couple days in the crafty department, really. These used to be T-shirts. They've been cut into strips and balled, for use as creative yarn. And yes, the condensing of a packrat's scrap-fabric stash. The big balls and two bluish ones are 100% cotton, and the middle one is much shinier than it looks, and 100% polyester.

And finally, Yule gifts time! Gotta show you two of the cool things I got!

This, for your reference, is how small a ball of NY Yarns' Fluff actually balls up to be. And yes, that's my hand. Which is kind of small anyway, but still. You get the idea. It's really very soft and lovable, though. The yarn, not my hand. But what, praytell, is that box on the right? Hmm, green, fabic-y, cubish...whatever could it be? The answer: A Singer Sewing Cube, with 40 little spools of thread, a few needles and pins, a purple plastic thimble, and a little pair of scissors inside. Cute and nifty as all hell!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Post Forty-Six: Proof!

And there it is. Photographic evidence that I have taught someone to knit. That is my favorite bassoonist, Nikki. What she has in her hands is one of my Boye interchangeables and some crappy orange yarn she dug out of my bag. It became about three inches of lumpy, deformed garter stitch over the course of about an hour. It was the last day of school before the school went on Holiday Break, so we were all a little spazzed. Plus, it was somewhat of a party in the band room, what with all the Band Fags and cookies.
And also included in the second picture is my favorite clarinetist, Steve,'s hand and Nikki's spoon.
I do not remember why exactly is is Nikki (and then Steve) had a spoon.

Monday, January 02, 2006


Post Forty-Five: Oops. Sorry.

OK, I'm sorry; I haven't posted in a while. Some things have gone down which prevented me from properly functioning long enough to really post. I'm gonna do a good one, I promise, as soon as I get some time after school when I'm not otherwise occupied. I got some nifty presents I wanna show y'all.
But in knitting news, I am almost finished with the first sleeve of Topsecret. Again. I had to go down two full sizes to get guage. Ugh. But it's a good thing I ripped EVERYTHING out and started over, I guess. It'll fit better when I'm done.

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