Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Post Sixty-Six: I'm Back!!

Salut! I got back two days ago, but have been totally zonked, so hi! France was just too awesome for words for me. I'm addicted and will forever be unable to stay away now! 800 pictures and 29 pages of journals even doesn't do it justice for me.

Sad news is that I never even saw a single LYS, or even any yarn I hadn't brought with me. I did get to knit on the metro and on the bus and even in Notre Dame, the famous one :p. Turns out there's a zillion Notre Dames, but they're all Notre Dame de whatever.

I figured out at dinner the first night I had already messed up my socks, tore out the part I had done, and then forgot all about them. Oops. I'm still gonna knit them, though, just later than planned. ^_^ And I got past the first two decreases I'd figured on my tank, too. Four inches of knitting, woo! Did some on the plane, too. Never had any problems at all getting my knitting through the checks and stuff, nor the yarn cutter. Sweet! All my needles were plastic, though. My Denise set and some plastic DPNs went with me.

This is the tank so far.

I ended up just deciding to finish off the blue varigated I've had for a couple years and used in all sorts of projects. It's the yarn that never ends! I like how it's patterning out, too. It's pretty and unorganized :p.
And I've got like three more balls of it. So the whole tank should be able to be done in the same stuff. If not, I'll just get creative and figure something cute out.

It was weird, coming home. My room still doesn't look like my room to me. And it's lonely, after sharing a room with two or three other girls, it's weird to be all by myself. Even though we really never talked before we slept. I guess it's just the presence thing. Whatever. Maybe I should find a room mate :p. Betcha Dad'd love that XD.

OK, I've been spending way too much time chatting online. Too many stupid smiley things! At least I'm not down to l337 yet...*shudder*

I also came home to lots of peas. And some dead ones, and a serious need for some weeding. But voici my first crop of peas:
Well, minus like ten pods. They're quite tasty. Steve n' Jess n' I finished them all off yesterday when they came over so we could hang out with Jess after a period of withdrawal. But you'd think my family could have picked a few while I was gone instead of letting my poor plants sag and bend! Oh well.


Oh yes, and I almost forgot to mention that I also acquired the perfect bag for me. It's big enough to hold most of what I knit, and has just the right number of pockets and my cell actually fits in the celly pocket, and it's simple and cute without being ugly and useless. And it holds all sorts of stuff. ^_^ Got it at the Monoprix in Rouen, I believe. I've had it for like four days and I love it already.
Also got an O-Zone CD that I've been listening to obsessively. They're awesome.

OK, I'm done for now. Got stuff I gotta go do (like unpack :p). I shall have France pictures soon. I just don't wanna get up and get the CD I put them on right now.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Post Sixty-Five: Designing II

Yeah, so I'm going to France in a week (insert excited *squee!* jump here), and it occurred to me that I'm gonna need something to knit that I won't finish on the plane over. Well, a small project, and something I can knit the whole way through France. I don't want to be wrestling with that hat that week. Save that for July when I'm not doing anything.

Thus, I picked these socks as my small project and first sock experience. I'm always trying to learn something with every project, and that one, well, I guess I'm learning socks in general. I'm not afraid of the heel at all. It just looks like something fun, and one of those classical knitterly things to do. I really quite like being part of traditions sometimes. Something that ties me into the past; makes me a continuation of stories written and closed. So socks it is! Helps that I love DPNs, too, I suppose ^_^

For the biggy, I'm gonna knit a tank top, because I find myself with a dreadful lack thereof. I'm gonna pretty much make it up as I go. Figure it'll be done bottom-up, like a tube and then I'll work on the sleeviness later. I measured the hell out of my favorite tank top as a model, and the only thing that really worries me about it is the V-neck, but I figure, heck, I can do this! I'm gonna go through my stash after I do some swatching and see what all I have that looks good together, because I don't think I have enough in one color of anything to make an entire tank from. (And I really, really shouldn't buy any more yarn. Because I'm gonna be bringing some home with me anyway. Hopefully at least one skein from each place I have time to shop. Because really, what could be a better reminder of the trip than something knit with yarn I found in the City of Light?)

We have a meeting tonight where we'll be getting all our details and stuff, so after I get the airlines we'll be flying, I can adjust my plans for my knitting accordingly. I've gotta get one of those little Clover yarn cutters, too. Or a thing of dental floss. Or both. Both is probably a good idea, just in case. Maybe bamboo DPNs wouldn't hurt, either, since the ones I have are, well, aluminum and quite dangerous looking, I suppose. Besides, that pattern asks for 5, and I have 4. I'm a little nervous, actually. It's only a week away now. I was already mostly packed for the Band Trip by this point, last year. Still have some shopping to do, too. Eep...maybe I should go swatch now and calm down a tad...Au revoir! And doubt not; there shall be pictures when I return! Je vous promets!

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