Sunday, February 19, 2006


Post Fifty-Two: I Know, I Suck!

I've been really, really busy still and I know that's no excuse, but I'm sorry. My sweater is really really truly almost done. And um...well, just letting you know I'm still alive, I guess!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Post Fifty-One: Progress!

I really have been making progress on my sweater, I promise! See?
It actually looks like a sweater now! I just have to finish the yoke and the neck and attempt to do the 3-needle bind off on the armpits.

In other really, really awesome news: my five friends and I that went to our district MSBOA Solo & Ensemble today got a 2! We thought we sucked really, really bad, and it turns out we only sucked a little! Which is really saying something, since we were playing The Barber of Seville, labeled as "Advanced" in the catalog, and we had, I don't know; like a month to learn it in. I'm a bit peeved because I missed half of my solo as I pinched my reed because I was nervous and thus made no sound. But we went in expecting a 4. At best. And we now have about three months to perfect it before we try out to play it at our cabaret in May. It was so much fun! See the shiny:

And I'm just so glad for the time we all had together, too. It's fun to just do stuff with your friends when you don't really care what happens. We stopped at a McDonald's on the way back, and were gonna play in the playplace, but couldn't because there were younger kids in there. Oh well. Total we probably spent like three hours in the car. And on the way back we talked astrology and stuff and it was just a blast. We were all kind of riding on the high of having gotten a two rather than the expected four! And with the exception of Nikki, who's graduating, we're all gonna do it again next year. It was great. Even though the adjudicator was probably just being nice. But I'm not gonna overanalyze it; this is just too great!

sweet medal B-)
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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Post Fifty: Sorry!!!!!

I know, I know, I haven't updated in a while. I've been busy finishing a sweater and doing stuff I'm supposed to. But trust me, I'll come up with something good for y'all soon.
For now, here's a shot of the Ugly Scarf amongst our stuff at Honors Band last weekend:

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