Saturday, May 27, 2006


Post Sixty-Four: Designing

So I'm sitting around and I realize that I need another large knitting project to do. So I figure maybe it's about time I start working on those hats I said I was going to make way back at like the start of the marching season.

Here's my measurements/notes:
28" around before the brim flare
7" from top to pre-flare/bottom of actual head space
6 sections which spread from .25" to 4.5" in that 7" space
11" from top to end of back flare along that seam
10" from top to front point
8.5" along front seam of middle sections
9.25" along their back seams
Chain across front is 12" from button to button
Plume is 19" long
Crest is 2.5" high and 3.75" wide at base, 2.25 at top, fits in 3" above front point
12" straight line from front point to back center seam
Seams are visible, but center seam covered by plume

My head is 22" around midway up my forehead. Hmm...which means somewhere up there, it's gotta be that, ish. This's gonna be fun. Now I just gotta get my hands on some white, gold, and purple-feathery yarns. I have no idea how much I'll need of each.

Other than this, I have been knitting lots of wristies. Obsessively. I have one design I particularly love now with two rows of k2tog, yo in the center. I'll have pics up as soon as I have some. But right now, I'm lazy.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Post Sixty-Three: Wristies ^_^

Went to Cedar Point for my physics final (the paper itself is a bitch, BTW) and it was awesome. Definitely have bruises on my shoulders from seven rides on the Raptor.

But the knitterly news on that is that I knit myself a wristy. Yep. It's cute. Voici:
Yes, it's ugly yarn. And it looks lumpier there than it really is. I discovered that my tiny little wrist is 30 stitches around. Worsted-weight miscellania and US 5 DPNs. I love DPNs. I'll write up the pattern later if someone wants it. Made it up as I went along because I had a total of like 7 hours on a bus. What else was I going to do? Study? Pfft!

Oh yeah, and I really am not that tan. I'm probably just a little darker than the freaking paper in my textbooks. And that weird loopy thing is from catching it on something. Like one of the DPNs that I discovered jabbing me in my butt later through a hole in my backpack.

And that down there is my, er, physics homework. With the beginnings of the next wristy next to them because I think I'm rather addicted to making the things now. Easy, fast, and use up scrap yarn.'s physics, I swear...

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