Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Post Seventy-Eight: I Did it!

That's right. After a couple hours of playing with it, I managed to make my spindle make something recognizable as a yarn-type blob. Let's take a look, shall we?
That is what I started with: brown wool from a mystery sheep, found in my kit discussed in the post yesterday. I pre-drafted it a bit and went to it.

And ended up with this ^_^

This is the yarn on the spindle after plying it once.

And this is my cute little mess off the spindle. It looks better in person, trust me.

No, seriously. It does. I really should've waited until tomorrow, when my camera would be able to work, but I was so excited I just had to take pictures right away ^^.

Must do more. Tomorrow, though- my hands are tired. It's not a set of motions they're used to. Yet. But we are gonna practice, most definitely. And it will get better.

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