Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Post Seventy-Two: College

The Mango which has not posted in for-freaking-ever has not done so due to many reasons, including graduation, moving, and college.
In the process, to the best of her knowledge, she has completed...absolutely nothing.
But she's close to Stephan's requested Ugly Scarf's completion, and at a tricky spot in the self-designed tank top, which is past a year on the needles.

But she's going to get back to her homework, so college doesn't totally kill her.

(and hint to several Yule projects being started, but not revealed...)

Yay! Mason! I take it you're at MSU now?
Yeppers. It's pretty sweet.

Already have two people wanting me to teach them to knit, too ^_^
People should read this.
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