Monday, October 29, 2007


Post Seventy-Three: Procrastination

OK, so I'm hanging out up at the Union building (one of this particular commuter* student's favorite stalkings), erm..."doing my homework" KNITTY Sorry- bit of a cold going on, it seems...

Anyway, I've decided that right now, all things considered, life is pretty good. I just need to get started on those projects like I said I was going to be. Want to do those fingerless mitts I had planned when I bought that beautiful powder-blue angora in Montreal last Spring, though by rights I really should do my Marquette scarf first, but I don't feel like knitting any more scarfy-things, really. Stephan's Ugly is really close to done now, seriously...I just have to add in the final fug, and take pictures, of course.

On the subject of things which suck, though, my beloved cellphone has finally died. Not even all of it- just the ear bit. I can't hear anyone talking unless I put it on speaker, which with the conversations I tend to have, I don't really feel like doing. Not like the government's not listening, anyway. (Appropriately liberal and paranoid for a college kid, there?) So Awesome Republican Chris has offered up his old one while I'm between phones, since we're on the same network anyway. It's the same phone my dad used to have, so I know perfectly well how it works, it's just that I have none of my ringtones, so I've missed 6 calls in the last like two days because I'm not used to listening for these particular rings; I'm very well used to knowing what noises my phone does and does not make, unfortunately, they're very different from what ARC's phone makes. Blah. I've got a $140 credit coming to me to get a new phone since I recently switched plans and numbers, but I don't really want a new phone; I want my phone, and I want it to work. Please.

I was just pondering the differences between me when I started this and me now, and I've come to realize that I give less of a shit about whether people know I'm a young one or not. Speaking of which, I turned 18 on Saturday. Go Scorpios! Anyway...I recall using a tone a bit more "adult" and vague about things than this, and watching it gradually decline.

I do still attempt to refrain from using "lol" and the like in prose writing, though. Drives me nuts. It's not like Americans really even use ENGLISH anymore, so why degrade it further?

Anyway, I probably SHOULD actually do something now. Gonna go play with my template- I'll report in more often now, surely. Things're calming down. A bit.

*I'm on campus so much I should be granted honorary residency. Douchebags.

When did you move to Mason? That's where I grew up and went to school and where my dad still lives. Mason. Really?! That's so weird.
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