Saturday, December 23, 2006


Post Sixty-Nine: Ack, Christmas!

I finished my first socks, quite successfully and with no mess-ups ^_^. The heel isn't so scary after all. See them? They're adorable. Worsted weight, size 5 DPNs...a pattern off of Tia Judy's site, I don't remember the link or the name, actually. But yeah.

I also finished my boyfriend's mom's Christmas present about two days ago. She'd requested something knit, so I made her a hat because she left all her hats in Idaho and wristwarmers because her wrists get cold, and keeping pulse points warm is important. Made my own way about the wristers, and used the "Basic Hat Pattern" from the 2006 Knitting Pattern-a-Day calendar.


The other photo is sort of the detail of the decrease lines. I'm rather proud of the way those turned out. The photos kind of make everything look rather purple, but it's really a dark, dark blue. I hope she likes them...

And yes, everything has in my own little way, notoriously unwoven ends. I'll get them done in before Christmas, I swear!

And I've gotta knit Dad a hat just like the one I made Mrs. H, because I got Nelma a present and I'll feel bad if I don't knit him something, and I really want to. So yeah. I can do's a quick pattern.

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