Friday, June 09, 2006


Post Sixty-Five: Designing II

Yeah, so I'm going to France in a week (insert excited *squee!* jump here), and it occurred to me that I'm gonna need something to knit that I won't finish on the plane over. Well, a small project, and something I can knit the whole way through France. I don't want to be wrestling with that hat that week. Save that for July when I'm not doing anything.

Thus, I picked these socks as my small project and first sock experience. I'm always trying to learn something with every project, and that one, well, I guess I'm learning socks in general. I'm not afraid of the heel at all. It just looks like something fun, and one of those classical knitterly things to do. I really quite like being part of traditions sometimes. Something that ties me into the past; makes me a continuation of stories written and closed. So socks it is! Helps that I love DPNs, too, I suppose ^_^

For the biggy, I'm gonna knit a tank top, because I find myself with a dreadful lack thereof. I'm gonna pretty much make it up as I go. Figure it'll be done bottom-up, like a tube and then I'll work on the sleeviness later. I measured the hell out of my favorite tank top as a model, and the only thing that really worries me about it is the V-neck, but I figure, heck, I can do this! I'm gonna go through my stash after I do some swatching and see what all I have that looks good together, because I don't think I have enough in one color of anything to make an entire tank from. (And I really, really shouldn't buy any more yarn. Because I'm gonna be bringing some home with me anyway. Hopefully at least one skein from each place I have time to shop. Because really, what could be a better reminder of the trip than something knit with yarn I found in the City of Light?)

We have a meeting tonight where we'll be getting all our details and stuff, so after I get the airlines we'll be flying, I can adjust my plans for my knitting accordingly. I've gotta get one of those little Clover yarn cutters, too. Or a thing of dental floss. Or both. Both is probably a good idea, just in case. Maybe bamboo DPNs wouldn't hurt, either, since the ones I have are, well, aluminum and quite dangerous looking, I suppose. Besides, that pattern asks for 5, and I have 4. I'm a little nervous, actually. It's only a week away now. I was already mostly packed for the Band Trip by this point, last year. Still have some shopping to do, too. Eep...maybe I should go swatch now and calm down a tad...Au revoir! And doubt not; there shall be pictures when I return! Je vous promets!

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